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We take pride in our product and enjoy the benefits of our hard work. I could live on hamburgers and it's a wonderful feeling knowing that the product we produce not only do we enjoy, but we get to share this with others.
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Farm Art

Welding has been part of my life, I welded for the government and even worked on the nuclear plant in Springfield, MO. I love welding and use it on a weekly if not daily basis on the farm. We repair and even make our own implements and on the farm and welding is a big…
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Zippy, is one of my favorite tractors on the farm and the funniest to drive. She gets around in tight spaces and is peppy, which gives her that fun factor!!! Saturday, we started the annual clean up along Roaring River and the mending and rebuilding of the fence along the river. Zippy, went ahead of…
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Annual Farm Show

Wow!! Can we have one of everything that Case makes? Please and thank you. We had such a great time walking around the Farm Show and talking to the great folks of the Four States.
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We are now on Instagram, follow us to see what's happening on the farm.https://www.instagram.com/?hl=en
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The finished product, after a low and slow cook all day in the oven. The brisket was so tender it fell apart as I removed it from the cooking tray. Absolute perfection!!!IMG_20160616_173351

Now On Instagram

You can now follow us on Instagram to see what's happening on the farm. This summer is going to be another great season on the farm and we can't wait to share all our fun with everyone. Type in prierfarms and let the fun begin

Hauling More Than Just The Tractor

We loaded up the tractor and headed to Carl Junction for some dirt to fill in a ditch on the farm. Can't pass up free fill and the large rocks we hauled will make a big dent in filling the ditch between the two fields. Good thing Max was along to keep everyone on task. 🙂WP_20160227_15_41_50_Pro

Round Steak

We always get questions on how do we cook our Grass Fed Beef for our families here at Prier Farms, so last night while preparing our meal I decided to take some pictures and share with you how we do it here on the farm.

Always allow the meat to thaw out naturally NEVER EVER use a microwave to thaw.
**Always preheat, fill your frying pan with oil (we use peanut) and have warming while you prepare the meat and preheat oven to 375

Step 1 > thaw meat
Step 2 > Cut into desired sizes no trimming required
step 3> in a small mixing bowl whisk together two eggs and milk
step 4> in a large mixing bowl, fill the bowl 1/3 full of flour and add your favorite spices. Remember not to over spice and mask the flavor of the meat.
Step 5> dip the meat into the egg/milk mixture than roll in the flour/spice mixture. Be sure to get a good coating
step 6> fry the meat till golden brown
step 7> place on plate lined with paper towels to remove excess grease
step 8> Put fried meat in oven safe baking dish, place on top track
step 9> Set timer for five minutes, cut into the larger pieces to check wellness, cooking time will depend on thickness. This step is very important as you do not want to over cook, you can go from perfect to over done in one minute. Continue to check until you have achieved your level of wellness.WP_20160222_09_50_18_ProWP_20160222_13_43_39_ProWP_20160222_13_45_34_ProWP_20160222_13_43_46_ProWP_20160222_13_45_36_ProWP_20160222_13_52_49_ProWP_20160222_14_02_28_Proncenter size-large wp-image-418" />WP_20160222_13_52_40_Pro