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BBQ Dreams Are Made OF

With hay season just about in full swing, rebuilding of fence and getting all the equipment greased and ready. We felt we deserved a little bit of heaven, via the BBQ grill. It's not often we get to take a long lunch and kick back, but it's a now or never thing at this point.…
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Homemade happiness!!

We get this question alot. What are some of our favorite family recipies? The truth is, a lot of the time, we just throw things together. I'm the world's worest at just winging a recipie from memory and hoping for the best. One of our favorite all time go to recipies, is homemade Lasagna :)…
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Ole Girl

It was time for some self improvements on the ole girl :) No counting all the cattle she has worked over the years, this piece of equipment was purchased in the early 60s. Time for a new floor, we even went as far to add these nifty handlebars for easy access. I do believe she…
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