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Meet one of the new young unserviced bulls. Purchasing them this way prevents introducing possible infections into your herd. Beefmasters are known for their smaller heads and the ability to throw smaller calves.
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Seasonal Feeding

Seasonal feeding and calving season go hand in hand around here. It makes keeping an eye on the girls a little bit easier, since we’re feeding the hay we harvested every two to three days. We all love seeing the little calves running through the fields and momma in the distance keeping a watchful eye.
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Farm to table.

Next to a mouthwatering beef roast, brisket is one of my favorite dishes to cook. I submerged the brisket in bbq sauce, with chopped onions and green and red peppers, set the oven to 250. The key to a mouthwatering brisket that falls off your fork, low and slow. The longer you cook the brisket…
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