Giving A Helping Hand

While checking the herd for new life, I came across a newborn that was in distress. His mother had attempted to clean him, but the calf never found his feet nor nursed. This is a grave situation for a calf born in the winter, their survival is based upon, being fully cleaned and up standing and nursing within hours of birth. So, I loaded the newborn on the four wheel and took him home. We cleaned him up, and bottle fed him. The next day, we got his mother up and put him and her in the lot, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. An hour later we returned to find his mother had accepted him and he had his first of many meals'. It's hit and miss when this happens, sometimes the mother will not take the calf back once they are separated. She showed her motherly instincts, when Max got a little too close for her comfort, and she showed him he wasn't going to be messing around her baby.

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