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Paleo Chipotle Spicy Meatballs

We just had to share this amazing recipe. Remember, when applying the Paleo lifestyle, always include 100% Grass Fed Beef to get all the health benefits.
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Homemade happiness!!

We get this question alot. What are some of our favorite family recipies? The truth is, a lot of the time, we just throw things together. I'm the world's worest at just winging a recipie from memory and hoping for the best. One of our favorite all time go to recipies, is homemade Lasagna :)…
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Ole Girl

It was time for some self improvements on the ole girl :) No counting all the cattle she has worked over the years, this piece of equipment was purchased in the early 60s. Time for a new floor, we even went as far to add these nifty handlebars for easy access. I do believe she…
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Girl Bye

Today, is a sad day for us at Prier Farms, we are saying goodbye to the ole girl. We have had this tractor since the mid 80s, and she has been a work horse to say the least.
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Beef Ribs Baby

What more needs to be said, when you're grilling up the best beef Missouri has to offer. Some dry rub and a beer is all you need...and a whole bunch of napkins.
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We take pride in our products and only serve the best to our families. One of my favorite cuts is the ribeye and I love grilling. If you are looking for grilling tips log onto the American Grassfed Association website, they have a full list of cooking tips to get the most out of your…
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New Life

We all love this time of year on the farm. Yes, it comes with more challenges, but as we all know hard work pays off in the end. During calving season we move the herd closer to the house, so to make the morning and evening checks easier. We like to calve at this time,…
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We take pride in our product and enjoy the benefits of our hard work. I could live on hamburgers and it's a wonderful feeling knowing that the product we produce not only do we enjoy, but we get to share this with others.
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Grass Fed

Our freezer is full and so should yours. We are now fully re-stocked and taking orders.
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